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Powering A Brighter Future For North Carolina

Our Brighter Future vision combines innovation and enhanced reliability with a commitment to affordable, sustainable electricity and continued community support.

Cooperative Innovation for Rural NC

Solar + Storage
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
Distribution Operator
Distribution Operator
Connect To Save Program


Our 5 microgrids place energy resources in local communities, supporting grid resilience and providing power to local homes during large-scale outages.

How Microgrids Work

Solar + Storage

Pairing solar with energy storage enables us to gain the most benefit from an intermittent resource, advancing grid resilience and supporting our goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We have added 13 solar + storage sites through N.C. that can power over 23,000 homes at peak output.

Solar + Storage
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)<br />

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Our 10 battery energy storage installations enhance reliability and achieve cost savings that will benefit our consumer-members in rural North Carolina, now and for years to come.

Distribution Operator

As a distribution operator, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives are monitoring, aggregating and deploying energy resources distributed across the grid. This cutting-edge capability enhances grid resilience and reliability for electric consumer-members.

Distribution Operator
Connect To Save<br />

Connect To Save

Electric cooperatives are revolutionizing the grid and offering new services to our members. By participating in Connect to Save, co-op members can get a great deal on a smart thermostat, join their neighbors in achieving energy savings for their communities and earn $50 each year for participating, along with other perks.

More About Our Brighter Future Vision

Sustainable Affordable Energy

Commitment To Community

See How Cooperative Innovation Supports Rural North Carolina

North Carolina’s 26 electric cooperatives are building the grid of the future with new services to members, energy resources for reliability and grid resilience, and a continued commitment to sustainability and affordability.