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Seasonal Energy Savings

Here are 5 simple steps you can take this winter to stay warm and cozy with your family while enjoying a more energy-efficient home. There are lots of simple ways to save. Get started below!

Simple Ways To Save This Winter…

Schedule an Energy Audit. It’s Free!<br />
Schedule an Energy Assessment
Lower Your Thermostat By A Few Degrees
Make Your Home Airtight
 Get Smarter Devices
Help Out Your HVAC (And Water Heater)
Schedule an Energy Audit

Schedule an Energy Assessment. It’s Free!

Our member service team is knowledgeable about every aspect of energy use. Schedule some time for us to come out (or talk to you remotely if you prefer), and we’ll identify several specific ways you can cut down on your energy use this winter.


Lower Your Thermostat By A Few Degrees

According to the Sleep Foundation, “The best bedroom temperature for sleep is approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit.” What could be better than a sound night’s sleep and lowering your energy use? Consider setting timers to turn off devices that you don’t use while you’re dreaming.

Lower Your Thermostat By A Few Degrees
make home air-tight

Make Your Home Airtight

Another easy way to save energy is to seal air leaks. Check your window and door seals, and consider replacing weather stripping if you can see or feel gaps. Check around plumbing pipes in wall-mounted cabinets on exterior walls for gaps that could let in cold air. Fill any holes or gaps with spray foam insulation.


Get Smarter Devices

Modern technology has come a long way at making your home more connected and efficient. Nowadays you can replace everything from your power strips to thermostats to reduce energy use. See other ways to save on Your Energy.

Get Smart Devices
Help Out Your HVAC

Help Out Your HVAC (And Water Heater)

Giving your HVAC a little TLC can help it run more efficiently – and make a difference on your energy bills. Remember to replace your filters every 3 months. 

What Are Your Home Energy Hacks?

During winter months small actions can have a huge impact on energy efficiency. Tell us your top tips for savings at home, and tag us on Facebook today. We’d love to share with other Roanoke Electric members.